When we were in Maui last month on our honeymoon, I was so excited to get into the warm  ocean waves I dove in head first. Within seconds my favorite sunglasses escaped me and were taken out to sea, never to be seen again. I tried with all my might to fight the surf crushing down on me, scouring the waters for my shades, but the odds were not in my favor. I survived the rest of the trip with a cheap pair of sunglasses that really hurt my ears, knowing that when I got back to Vegas it was time to buy a new pair of sunnies.

On the bright side of the story, I had always wanted to try out Warby Parker Sunglasses because they are one of the few brands that are not made by Luxottica in Italy. In case you didn’t know, almost all sunglasses are made in the same factory in Italy and they just have different labels on them! If you don’t believe me, this Forbes article about this 9 billion dollar company will tell you all about it. I don’t know about you, but I am not about to give hundreds of dollars to a sunglasses monopoly. I will take my get out of jail free card, skip landing on that expensive property, and take my metal iron elsewhere.

Anyway, Warby Parker has a free Home Try On program where you can try on any five frames for free in the comfort of your own home! Give me your honest opinion…which shades do you favor?

Reilly in Sparrow Grey
Reilly In Sparrow Grey
Piper in Jet Black 
Warby Parker Piper Glasses
Batten in Jet Silver
Robinson in Jet Black Matte
Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise
The coolest part about the at home try on was its completely free and you have 5 days to decide which ones you like and ship them back with a pre-paid shipping label! I think the Banks in Sea Smoke Tortoise were my favorite! They fit really well and felt comfortable on my head. I can’t wait to get them in the mail soon! Join in the fun and hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn when you get your shades and let me know which ones you get!
Warby Parker Piper Glasses

Please note, Warby Parker did not pay me to write this post but this post does contain affiliate links. Shop as you please and always know my opinions are based off of my own personal opinions and experiences. 

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