0001-45237169One attribute I admire most about my husband, is his ability to spring out of bed the second his alarm goes off in the morning. I mean literally, he jumps up to his feet like it’s a race and he’s gonna win! From the moment he realizes a new day has begun, he goes for the gold! Myself on the other hand…I have a complicated relationship with my snooze button. It’s an on-and-off affair with a series of breakups where I determine whether I should sleep five minutes more or abandon my warm, cozy bed to sluggishly start my day. Why is it that we differ so greatly? What is it that makes him get up instantaneously without any hesitation at all?

A few seconds of doubt before a decision can make or break the moment. It’s similar to the first question on Family Feud where two people race to press the buzzer. The first person to hit the button gets to answer the question, regardless of if they know they have the right answer. The person who moves without fear of being wrong is awarded with the opportunity to win the game, but the person who hesitates gets nothing.

What if we lived a life without hesitation? What if we asked for that raise we’ve been hesitant to ask for? What if we jumped right when the moment was good for the taking/ What if we were more like little kids and just went for it? In my time of self reflection, I’ve noticed hesitation is a major setback holding me back from my full potential. I’ve also noticed, I’m not alone. So many people are slow on the trigger. They have no fire or sense of urgency in their life. In my workout classes, the teacher will yell with gumption, “Mountain climbers for 20 seconds! Three, two, one, GO!”, and you wouldn’t believe how many people skip out on the first three seconds before they start the drill. What if it’s that first THREE SECONDS stopping you from reaching your goal. Those THREE SECONDS, are when fear, doubt, and laziness win and you loose that moment forever! The popular latin saying Carpe Diem, means “seize the present” or literally translated means to pluck the moment while it is ripe, just as you would a fruit. The saying does not mean, “seize the day, when your ready” or “think about seizing the moment”. The word seize, expresses a sense of urgency, strength, and decision to move without hesitation.

I would like to think, that by identifying hesitation in our lives we can improve ourselves and seize the present moment; for it is the only moment we are guaranteed.


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