Every Brides Worst Nightmare

Today, I was chatting with a friend who just got married this past month. We were laughing at all of the little things that went wrong at her wedding and comparing them to my wedding last August. While reminiscing, we were both glad everything eventually worked out for the best but we agreed there were definitely details we wish we could have planned for to have made the day a little less stressful.

No matter how many checklists you have or how OCD you are about the details, things are bound to go wrong on your wedding day. My first memory of wedding mishaps, was as a junior bridesmaid. The priest got into a car accident on the way to the ceremony and the wedding was delayed an hour and a half! It’s like all odds are against you when it’s your turn to wear the veil. Flowers wilt, cakes melt, and bow ties disappear right before the ceremony and there is nothing you can do but let it go and remember the purpose of the day…..the marriage, not the wedding.

Sweetheart Cake

See this beautiful little sweetheart cake? This buttercream baby decided to melt into a puddle of frosting a few hours before my wedding began and that was one of the tiniest details that went wrong that day. My grandmother-in-law was a cake ninja and frosted it from scratch with me, the bride, not even knowing until after the wedding had ended! My husband and I laughed about it the whole way back to our honeymoon suite. Whimsical Bridal Bouquet

See that beautiful bridal bouquet, well the florist and I obviously have different color ideas of lavender and mint. The BRIGHT pink dahlias and royal blue ribbon were a surprise to me completely but don’t worry, I rocked that bouquet and at the end of the day I was Mrs. Destiny Johnson. Everything was perfect, regardless the color of my floral arrangement.

Destiny's Wedding Chapel

The craziest part of my wedding day was changing an all outdoor wedding ceremony and reception to an all indoor wedding ceremony and reception. The most ridiculous part was getting married in a church I had never seen before! Walking down the aisle, was like a dream. I saw my husband-to-be before me and everything else faded away.

I am so thankful for people who worked so hard to make our special day so memorable and now I look back at these little blunders and laugh. God knew all along he wanted me to get married in his house and not the beach! I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out and we ended up using two venues we would have never been able to afford if it hadn’t been for the unexpected hail in August.

For all the brides-to-be just remember to breathe, sip a mimosa and keep your eyes on the prize. After all, a lifetime marriage is much more beautiful than a wedding for a day.


Spring Flowers & Flowy Dresses

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year in Las Vegas! I love to throw on a simple summer frock and enjoy the perfect spring weather before the heat comes. The yellow bells in my front yard are in full bloom so the combination of spring flowers and flowy dresses I have been buying are just a few of my favorite things right now!Red Summer Dress

Flowy bright-colored dresses, like this Into The Tropics Red Shift Dress make it easy to look stylish when you don’t feel like being a grown up and wearing pants. This dress is low maintenance enough for running errands or even using it as a swim suit cover up!IMG_9677 I paired it with my Michael Kors crossbody, denim button down by Express, and these ultra comfy silver Blowfish Granola Sandals that are the more stylish alternative to flip flops.Summer Dresses & FlowersShop this fun spring look while it lasts, the shoes are selling out quick!
Medium Wash Fitted Denim Shirt • Express $59.50
Into the Tropics Red Shift Dress • LuLu’s $36.50
Blowfish Granola Silver Sandals • BLOWFISH $46.00
Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Saffiano Messenger Bag • MICHAEL Michael Kors (newest style) $228.00


My Struggle With Perfectionism

Letting Go of Sticky Thoughts

Tuck your butt under, lift your chin, put your shoulders down, relax your face and be graceful are just a few thoughts going through a dancer’s mind at anytime. When we aren’t performing, we are thinking about the last piece we just finished and how it can be better next time or what we did wrong that needs to be corrected. This mentality is extremely hard to turn off. The critic that lives in every dancer’s mind that propels us to be greater, try harder and do better is sometimes the same little voice that tells us we are too fat, too old, or not talented enough.

I’ve been dancing since I was two years old and because of my extensive training, critiquing myself in all facets of my life is second nature. As I have learned more about why I think and act this way I have started on a mission to learn how to turn off the perfectionist inside and learn to live in the moment, accepting myself and everything in that moment without judgement. This is by far, the hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes I laugh because I catch myself, criticizing myself for not accepting the moment as well as I should have and the whole method falls apart.

After my parents split up, I decided I should see a therapist because my thought life was causing me emotional disturbance and distress that was keeping me from sleeping. I was lucky enough to see a therapist through my university for free and I learned a few things that really helped me let go of the reoccurring thoughts I was having a hard time letting go of. The most interesting thing I learned in counseling was how to distance myself from those thoughts and how to be visualize them in order to release them. Now, when I find myself having what my therapist called, “sticky thoughts” I resort to this technique. The first thing you must do is imagine yourself sitting by a small brook, leaning up against a large maple tree right next to the flowing water. Imagine the tree has beautiful golden brown leaves that slowly fall, one by one and drift into the river below. As a leaf hits the water, you image a single thought you’ve had on that leaf. Then visualize the leaf falling into the water and watching that leaf slowly float away down the stream until it is out of sight. This process is repeated until you can let go of those thoughts, and for me, I used it as a technique to quiet my mind and fall asleep.

Now you are reading this, feeling one of two ways: the first, identifying the same tendencies in yourself and appreciating my honesty, or the second, finding this mindset totally foreign and scary that I experience such a thought life. I wanted to write about my struggle with perfectionism and sticky thoughts because I find that sharing my experience is not only helpful to my own journey but maybe I could reach one other person who has had the same struggle. I hope that you found this blog helpful in accepting yourself and that my technique to distance yourself from your thoughts was useful.

Please feel free to comment & share below if it suits you and thanks for listening.

Something Old And Something New

Have you ever gone to your closet, stared at your wardrobe and sighed in sadness because you felt like everything in there was old and boring? As women, we are prone to what I call, closet envy. But sometimes all you need is a new piece or a new pair of shoes to inspire something totally new!
I bought this romper so long ago, I can’t even remember where I bought it. But I love it because it’s just like wearing a giant onesie and calling it fashion! Since wearing something so comfortable seems socially unacceptable, I added a beaded Anthropology belt to dress it up. Best part is, the belt is just as comfortable since it is elastic!
Purple Romper Outfit
For my something new, I wore my Sam Edelman Khylee Leather Wedge Mule, in Nude which I absolutely adore. They are so comfortable and even better news, they are on sale for only $107!
Sam Edelman Khylee Leather Wedge Mule, Nude
To finish the look, I threw on my everyday Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag and simple silver jewelry to match.
Destiny's Purple Romper
I love the idea of reworking a piece you already love and making it feel like a whole new outfit. All you need is something old and something new! But if you love it all and must have it, I’ve put it all together for you for under $325 (including the Sam Edelman Nude Wedges)!

Diane von Furstenberg Purdy Jumpsuit • Diane von Furstenberg • $75
Sam Edelman Khylee Leather Wedge Mule, Nude • Sam Edelman • $107
Nicole By Nicole Miller nicole by Nicole Miller Marisa Double-Zip Tote • Nicole Miller • $48
Deepa Gurnani Ovallia Belt • Deepa Gurnani • $49.50
Lord & Taylor Sterling Silver Rose Earrings • Lord & Taylor • $28
Simple Bar Necklace- Silver • Ily Couture • $16

Easy Date Night Look

Every spring, I look forward to the nights spent out with my husband, enjoying the beautiful Vegas weather. When it comes to makeup, the hubby hates it. So I try to keep it as natural as possible. If he doesn’t notice I am wearing any makeup, that means I did a job well done.

Easy Date Night Makeup

I always start with my fresh makeup musts. Then I coordinate an eye to go with my outfit. For this natural apricot eye, I used 3 eyeshadow colors to complete this easy date night look.
Date Night Makeup Look

I started with an eyeshadow duo I received in my April Ipsy Glam Bag; if you don’t already love Ipsy, you are missing out (i’m obsessed)!
I used the lighter color in the Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo (Apricot Glow) all over lids, then added in the darker color loosely in the crease.

Apricot Duo  

Lastly, I pressed a little MAC Pressed Pigment in Angelic in the center of my eyelids to give them a little shimmer.Date Night Look

Easy Date Night Outfit

Now for the outfit! Dressing up isn’t an always for us, so occasionally I throw on a casual, yet sexy outfit to make the evening a little more special. Since this look was purchased at tiny boutiques stores in LA, I can’t give you the exact items but here’s a way to recreate the whole outfit, head to toe for under $200!
Date Night Look

Tai Circle Earrings • Tai • $35
Jules Smith Top Bar Necklace • Jules Smith Designs • $10
Madden Girl Women’s Eliite Wedge Sandal • Madden-Girl • $30.25–38.34
Kimchi Blue Lace Racerback Surplice Triangle Bra • Kimchi & Blue • $29
Bcbgeneration Asymmetrical Mixed Skirt • BCBGeneration • $34.80
Neon Rose Crochet Crop Top • $25

Please note that all of these photos are unedited so you can see exactly how my face looked with only makeup, no filters, airbrushing etc. This post contains affiliate links but as always reflects my honest opinion.