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Please know that I chose these invites before I ever became an affiliate with Wedding Paper Divas, but this post does contain affiliate links. As always, this is my own opinion and I wrote this post because I love this company and the invites are adorable. Thanks for your support.*

Wedding Paper Divas Sale

So you’ve probably read my post 5 Things Not to DIY at Your Wedding and thought to yourself, “Nah I can do it, she is probably exaggerating”. Well, if you are in doubt, you can ask my bridesmaids. They were there the day we spent eight hours washing, printing, cutting, and ironing my 200+ wedding invitations on vintage hankies until we were completely exhausted. After that experience, my Maid of Honor was smart enough to have the bridal shower invites made by the professionals and she was definitely right. She ordered the invites on Wedding Paper Divas and they were absolutely divine!

Wedding Paper Divas

Our Delightful Decor Shower Invites were adorable and saved us so much time and money!  The scalloped edges and the pearl shimmer paper are just something you can’t DIY and even if you could it would be a PAIN. The invitations for our tea party themed shower totally fit the setting and my Maid of Honor was the most wonderful host in the whole world!Destiny's Bridal ShowerDestiny's Brial Shower BridesmaidsDestiny's Bridal Shower Food Display

This shower was one of the most amazing parties I have ever been too. Everyone got dressed up and had pinkies lifted while we sipped all types of gourmet tea! I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Bridal Shower from my best friend. Aww I just love her so much!

Destiny & Manika

There is something so special about having all of the women in your life together in one room to wish your marriage happiness, love and laughter. We couldn’t resist a goofy photo opportunity in our hats!

Destiny's Bridal Shower Attendees

Anyway, I am super excited because I have a lot of friends who are planning weddings and right now they are having a SALE! You can save 40% off Save the Date orders using the code 0806DEAL or New customers save $50 off orders of $159 or more using the code WPDSAVE50159 at checkout! I wish they had this when I was in the market!

P.S If you need help planning weddings, I am all yours. I LOVE IT! And if you can’t decide which invites to go with, I always vote in favor of the most unique ones.

The Harm in Hesitation

0001-45237169One attribute I admire most about my husband, is his ability to spring out of bed the second his alarm goes off in the morning. I mean literally, he jumps up to his feet like it’s a race and he’s gonna win! From the moment he realizes a new day has begun, he goes for the gold! Myself on the other hand…I have a complicated relationship with my snooze button. It’s an on-and-off affair with a series of breakups where I determine whether I should sleep five minutes more or abandon my warm, cozy bed to sluggishly start my day. Why is it that we differ so greatly? What is it that makes him get up instantaneously without any hesitation at all?

A few seconds of doubt before a decision can make or break the moment. It’s similar to the first question on Family Feud where two people race to press the buzzer. The first person to hit the button gets to answer the question, regardless of if they know they have the right answer. The person who moves without fear of being wrong is awarded with the opportunity to win the game, but the person who hesitates gets nothing.

What if we lived a life without hesitation? What if we asked for that raise we’ve been hesitant to ask for? What if we jumped right when the moment was good for the taking/ What if we were more like little kids and just went for it? In my time of self reflection, I’ve noticed hesitation is a major setback holding me back from my full potential. I’ve also noticed, I’m not alone. So many people are slow on the trigger. They have no fire or sense of urgency in their life. In my workout classes, the teacher will yell with gumption, “Mountain climbers for 20 seconds! Three, two, one, GO!”, and you wouldn’t believe how many people skip out on the first three seconds before they start the drill. What if it’s that first THREE SECONDS stopping you from reaching your goal. Those THREE SECONDS, are when fear, doubt, and laziness win and you loose that moment forever! The popular latin saying Carpe Diem, means “seize the present” or literally translated means to pluck the moment while it is ripe, just as you would a fruit. The saying does not mean, “seize the day, when your ready” or “think about seizing the moment”. The word seize, expresses a sense of urgency, strength, and decision to move without hesitation.

I would like to think, that by identifying hesitation in our lives we can improve ourselves and seize the present moment; for it is the only moment we are guaranteed.


Honeymoon Attire

One year later, we are finally enjoying our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Kaua’i. It just so happens, right before our trip I did a little 4th of July shopping on LuLu’s and scored a bunch of gorgeous dresses on sale (don’t worry it’s still on sale)!

My first dress of the trip was a classic LBD with fringe.

Destiny In Kauai

I love dresses I can just throw on an feel comfortable in especially, when the airline has a 40 lbs weight limit on checked luggage. Get the look and pack the perfect Kaua’i honeymoon attire with this number!
Guess what, this dress is on sale for $34!

Te Quiero Black High Low Wrap Dress

I can’t wait to share more about my honeymoon in Kaua’i and tell you about all of the amazing things we did! Check back soon for all the deets.

Shop this post:

Te Quiero Black High Low Wrap Dress

In The Mix Gold And Gunmetal Layered Necklace

Weddings From A Guest’s Perspective

Little girls are groomed to plan their wedding day their entire lives. They imagine their special day and focus on how to make that dream come true. Sometimes brides forget that a wedding is only as enjoyable as the experience given to the guests.

This summer we have three weddings on the books, last summer I planned my own wedding, and the year before I was Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding. Needless to say, I LOVE WEDDINGS. After being a bride, bridesmaid and a guest I have a better understanding of how to make weddings enjoyable for everyone including the long lost guests you are paying to have attend your big day!

The guest is often forgotten about when it’s time to budget. Brides think, “Where can I cut $$ and not give up my $200 veil?” Well, from a guests perspective there are 5 things that make or break a wedding.
Hierarchy of Wedding Guest Needs
In order of importance starting from bottom to top (similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) I have created this handy visual to help you understand what matter most to a wedding guest.


Free alcohol makes every wedding guest grin from ear to ear, but it can also mean someone taking it just a little too far. Our wedding was open bar: beer, wine and a champagne toast. Our guests were delighted and we didn’t break the bank, which meant a good time all around. Even if it’s only for an hour, guests love free booze.


Catering is always expensive at weddings, but it doesn’t have to be super fancy for guests to enjoy it. Go for crowd favorites like pasta, salad or even barbecue!


Alcohol + good music= dancing. Guests on the dance floor makes for a fun wedding. I highly recommend getting a great DJ with up-to-date music. Don’t forget it is your job to give him a list of songs you want ahead of time so you don’t end up with the electric slide on repeat all night long.


Rain, sweltering heat and lack of air ventilation does not make your guests want to stick around for 4 hours. They’ve made an effort to be there, bought you an expensive gift and want to enjoy themselves. If your going to have a long ceremony, do it in the comfort of an air conditioned building where guests can relax. If the forecast says rain or snow, make sure you have a back up plan so no one is sopping wet in their formal attire. Having a wedding reception area that is foolproof will relieve so much stress the day of.


The most memorable parts of a wedding are the personalized touches you put into the littlest details. In my opinion, personalized vows, incorporating special family traditions, adding pictures of the couple and including handmade items make a wedding unique. Take the time to add your personality to the wedding and your guests will always remember it.

My Favorite Fourth of July Sale Steals

Fourth of July Sales are my favorite! What better way to shop sales than from the comfort of your couch with a list of all the best ones from your’s truly (plus pants aren’t required for this shopping spree)!

I’ve done the dirty work for you and picked out all of my favorite items for less than $100 from only the best stores so you can shop the sales with me! Plus I themed this one red, white, and blue so you can feel patriotic while your at it.

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Madison Square In Too Deep Knit DressMayana Fringe Shoulder ChainFor Love & Lemons Luau Lace Mini Dress - Red

P.S. This Red For Love & Lemons Dress runs small, I always do XS but I got a S in this one!

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AQUA Skirt Striped Crossover PencilAQUA Skort - Crepe Mini

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These are only the best items that I would actually buy but some of them do contains affiliate links 🙂