Tonight I made dinner for three homeless boys under the age of five, an eleven year old girl named Ariella, and their fathers.I wrote each of their names on a pumpkin to do something unique for them at the table. I sat across from Ariella and talked to her until she felt comfortable enough to ask for seconds of the baked penne I had made. I could tell she was hungry and that this wasn’t her first time eating with strangers. After talking about school and how she plays violin in orchestra, she told me that she had been in foster care for four years until her dad was able to get her out. She also mentioned that her old foster care parents were in prison for suffocating her two year old sister and other foster children. As she said it I immediately felt my heart break for this little girl. All I could think about was taking her home with me to protect her from anything that could ever cause her harm.


I am writing this blog not to make myself look good or raise myself up, but to bring awareness to the lack of giving in our culture. What if bloggers wrote about how much they GAVE instead of what they BOUGHT for themselves. What if fashion bloggers told you about outfits they gave to the homeless instead of outfits they bought for their Instagram photos. Or if food bloggers wrote about recipes that fed the hungry instead of just the camera. Tonight I was reminded how sweet it is to be able to provide someone a warm meal or even just an ear to listen. Hearing Ariella’s story reinvigorated my desire to serve others and to spread the word.

If you’ve gotten to the last paragraph of this post, I challenge you to give and to share it on social media. What if we could inspire others to give by giving, just like we inspire others to shop when we show off a new outfit. Please share this post and if you are a blogger like me, I urge your to write a post about giving, not buying at least once and see how it turns out. If you aren’t a blogger, you still have a Facebook or Twitter account that can reach all of your friends and make a difference. Let’s see what we can do.

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