We are already deep into holiday shopping, party going, and full fledged family get-togethers. The holidays can be really stressful in many ways: financially, emotionally, and even physically. For most people money is tight, family tension is high, and Christmas can leave you feeling spent. Over the years I have found a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays more just by changing the few things you do have control of.Enjoy The Holidays

Here’s my advice on how to truly enjoy the holidays:

1. Loose Your Expectations

It is easy to build Christmas up in your mind about how it’s gonna be, what your significant other is going to get you, or even how your family is going to act. Leave your expectations behind and go into the season expecting nothing at all. If you have high expectations that are unlikely to be met, the holidays can leave you feeling empty, disappointed, and depressed.

2. Ditch the DIY

Yes, it is so nice of you to try to spend hours and hours knitting a scarf that no one is every going to wear but honestly it probably takes more time and money to knit it than it would to buy something cool on Amazon. Homemade gifts are so thoughtful but they can be really time consuming and stressful. Skip the crafting and go for something simple.

3. Give Back

Make an effort this year to give back to your community, church, or family by volunteering. I guarantee you this will give you more happiness than any material gift could ever bring you.

4. Be Extra Nice to Family

Make an effort to be twice as nice to your relatives this season. Go the extra mile and really make a conscious effort to be patient, kind, and forgiving during this stressful season.

5. Don’t Feel Pressured to Buy

I have lots of friends that I don’t buy gifts for and I still love them just as much as the friends I do buy gifts for. If money is tight, don’t feel like you have to ring up your credit card to buy them a cashmere sweater. Talk to your friends and see if you can do an activity together instead, or just buy them a cup of coffee and enjoy a good chat.

6. Put Down the Cookies

The holidays can make you pack on the pounds quick with all the parties and Christmas Cookies. Enjoy a treat or two but be mindful that overeating will make you feel lethargic and unsatisfied in the end.

7. Pay it Forward

Do something generous you wouldn’t normally do for others like doing the dishes for your parents, cleaning your significant other’s car, or even offering to cook dinner for a friend. Think of ways you can make this season extra special without spending a ton of money.

If you are an expert at yule tide greetings, I’d love to hear how you celebrate the holidays! Leave me a comment with how you make the most of the season.

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