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About The Author: Destiny Johnson

I am a real estate agent and professional dancer in the lovely city of Las Vegas. In my free time I do social media consulting for local small businesses. After college graduation, I  embarked into the marketing world, moved to Las Vegas, married the man of my dreams, and bought a house. After a few crazy years of agency life I decided my leadership skills called for a more opportunistic career which brought me into real estate.  I love change and invite it openly which always makes for interesting blog content. Follow my journeys in the crazy city I call home and stay tuned for deals, tips and tricks for a healthy, happy and stylish lifestyle!

Mrs. Destiny is a blog documenting the journey and thoughts of a twenty-something year old entrepreneur. If you enjoy food, fashion, and sharing life lessons you’re at the right place. Mrs. Destiny promotes an authentic way of living for those looking to reach their full potential while maintaining a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle in both your personal life and career.

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