Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s one of my favorite holidays. Flowers, chocolates, and kisses…how can you not adore this romantic holiday! Most guys think of Valentine’s Day as they would a chore, but I like to think of it as a way to really think outside the box and show the one you love how much you care. Here are some of my favorite creative Valentine’s Day gifts and date ideas to help you do something unique this year for your significant other.

Custom Photo Gifts

There is nothing more unique than a custom photo gift from Shutterfly, like a coffee mug or photo frame with a touch of personalization. These gifts are easy, inexpensive, and they show thought and effort went into Valentine’s Day this year.
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Shutterfly I Love You Mug

Handwritten Love Letters or Poems

Some of my most cherished gifts are love letters or poems my husband has written for me. I keep every single hand written note he has ever left me and I have an entire file on my computer of encouraging emails, notes, etc. that I love to look back at and read. If you consider yourself a talented writer, devote some time to your love and write down your feelings on paper that can be kept forever. The poem below is one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received that my husband sent me from his study abroad in Italy, when we first started dating.

Lucky Go Lucky

So Love… Like letters held on four giant pedestals? No…. love like a million moments of pure completeness.
She is to me the loveliest of things. She is to me living flowing art. She is to me an exquisite lullaby.
Adoration like rain soaks me to the bone. Admiration like creation steals my breath.
No modern day romance cliches
No bloated self indulgences
No expectations, No speculations
She is the setting sun set to a faint and glorious hymn
She is perfectly imperfect, and horribly wrong in the most sincere ways
She is the fire, she is…. simply is
There is no shame in presentation, There are no lies in wandering eyes, There is no BOLD print for the world to read…no headlines… no proclamation of something fake
And the song plays on and you never expect it to end for each note is followed by a sweeter one, and each verse more profound, and each chorus sung a little louder
And of this im sure… There are more brilliant men, more graceful poets, and more passionate persons. But no man living or dead will ever strive harder to budge a smile
For what is man without woman?
Only a wandering shadow, only a shifting phantom
Nessuna materia la distanza lo amerò sempre…
And so the muses will tell of a man who gave his soul to complete another.
-Kyle Johnson 2009

Candlelit Quiet Time

Candlelit Quiet Time

Women love to share quality time with their significant others. This Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be showy or expensive. Instead set up a romantic candlelit or fireside area with a cozy blanket, and some of their favorite snacks like chocolates, strawberries, and popcorn. Skip the movie and actually spend time in conversation. Write down things you love about your significant other and read them aloud. So often we forget to go back to the things we enjoyed while we were just getting to know each other.

Make a Meal Together

Pasta 2If your significant other is the one that usually does all of the cooking, an easy way to spoil them is to make a homemade recipe or even better, plan a fun recipe to make together! Try things like cheese fondue, homemade pizzas, or even my easy homemade pasta recipe for a fun dinner you can cook together. Quality time is the most precious thing you can give your significant other.

No matter what the gift, if you put time, energy, and thought into the making of the gift it shows you genuinely care and didn’t just run out to Walgreens to buy whatever they had on the shelf. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most meaningful when they are hand crafted and well thought out.

Share your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve ever received in a comment below! I would love to hear what makes you feel special and things you enjoy giving.

Note: This post contains affiliate links but as always I only support products I truly love and buy myself.

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