0001-68647950Hooray it’s October! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love getting creative with costumes and eating way to much “bite sized” candy. Every year I try to come up with costumes that are unique and relevant to the times. Even though if I’m being honest, sometimes I just pick the cutest girl costume and then try to find something for my husband to wear last minute.

If you are in need of some creative halloween costumes from 2015, here is some inspiration and better yet links so you can buy it all online!

Owen & Claire from Jurassic World

Owen & Claire Costume Jurassic World

Jurassic World was a hug hit in the box office this year, so why not play the main characters?! For the ladies I have found all of the pieces for you, but as for Owen’s costume, you will save money just buying the premade costume because brown utility vests are so pricey!

Get Claire’s Look:

Short red haired wig
White chiffon button down blouse
Light lavender tank top
White mid length skirt
Nude heels
T-rex stuffed animal

Get Owen’s Outfit:

Jurassic Park Costume

Disgust & Fear from Inside Out

Disgust & Fear Costume

Even though only the parent & kids will know who you are at a party, you will look adorable. Take a note from these Disney characters and go all out in green and red.

Get Disgust’s Look:

Green dress
Green wig
Purple scarf

Get Anger’s Look:

White shirt
Red tie
Brown pants
Make sure to cut out some red felt eyebrows or spray paint your hair red to really give the flaming hair some gusto.

Catastrophe & Arsyn from Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Music Video

Arsyn Bad Blood CostumeCatastrophe Costume

This is an easy one, buy anything leather, latex and black and you pretty much have a badass #girlboss costume. Lay on the smokey eye makeup and match your hair to any one of their many looks in the video! You can even buy the real costumes they actually wore, but be warned Arysn’s Garbo Blouse alone will run you $360!

Get Arysn’s Opening Scene look:

Arsyn Wig
Black Bowtie Blouse
Black Skirt
Black tights
Pointy Black Pumps
I’d recommend spray painting a briefcase silver and bringing a black powder compact as your weapon of choice.

Get Catastrophe’s Final Scene Look:

Red Catastrophe Wig
Black Leather Bra
Gold triangle earrings
Black leather shorts
Black Knee High Boots
Black Leather Half Gloves
Silver Accent Belt
Gun Holster
Don’t forget Taylor’s packin’, so spray paint a few water guns black to really sell the kickass outfit that is Catastrohpe.

Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton

Donald Trump & Hilary Clinton Costume

Election season is coming up and all the buzz about these two makes them perfect candidates for this year’s Halloween costume. Feel free to be a complete jerk at any party you attend because when you have a Donald Trump wig on, everyone will know you’re in character. Grab your best suit, tie, dress shoes and this Cheap Donald Trump Wig  and you’re ready!

As for Hilary, think school teacher, meets first lady, meets old lady.

Get Hilary’s Look:

Two piece suit
Comfortable high heels
Fake reading glasses,
And of course don’t forget plenty of gaudy gold jewelry to really beat the polls at the Halloween contest.

I hope you have a fun & safe Halloween this year! Please share any creative costumes you come up with and any photos of what you wear!

*This blog post contains affiliate links, simply because almost everything is from Amazon and I wanted to utilize my Amazon Prime membership 🙂 Halloween shopping can be expensive when you buy those terrible bagged costumes. Its much easier to make these creative halloween costumes on your own with a little help of the internet.

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