destiny-in-black-n-whiteDon’t you just love buying a brand new outfit head to toe? I am not usually one to buy a complete look but when I saw this black crop top and midi-skirt I new they were destined to become an adorable weekend outfit.

Destiny's Lulu's Jewlery

Lulu’s has the best simple and inexpensive jewelry so I snagged these gold geometric earrings and pulled some other fine jewels from my jewelry box to complete the look!

Tori Burch PurseTypically when it comes to shoes, I never buy inexpensive shoes but I saw simple black pumps and new I would use them for everything (I was right). And of course you can never go wrong with a Tory Burch purse & sunglasses, these are oldies from Christmas a while back but some of my favorites I will never part with.

Destiny Wearing Black Pumps

And of course, this outfit is Rue approved. Use code FREESHIP10 to get free shipping and $10 off your Lulu’s purchase (my apologies for adding to your shopping addiction but it’s infectious).

Rue Approved Outfit


Disclaimer- This post contains affiliate links but I was not paid to write this post, I just found some great items I thought you might like.